Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life of a Giant Cricket

Hello all of you out there. I'm Giant W. Cricket.

Currently I live in Florida, spending my days in the sun. There's not much to know about me really. Being a giant cricket isn't always easy. People like to stare when they see such a big bug like myself but once you get past my crunchy exterior I'm a nice guy I promise!

I'm a competitive limboer on the local team, we do our rounds in the small stuff. I party most nights and enjoy the beach more than anything. I have a second home in Chicago where I live under a child's bed. She used to be real scared of me! That was until I gave her my autograph and headed off to Florida (it was getting cold). She sends me email now about how much she misses me. Isn't that sweet?

I'm friends with her Auntie, whom I correspond with often. Some of you might know her as the Unmarried Housewife, she's a real character.
My own piece of paradise...

So what's life like? Awesome. That is all.

Peace out!

Giant Cricket


  1. It's also me, Cheryl. It's cool you have a blog. That's downright nifty. :)

  2. Hi Giant Cricket, I hope it is warm enough for you to return to Chicago soon! Have a safe trip up north and good luck in the limbo tournament.

  3. hi giant cricket! where in florida do you live? i grew up in sarasota. you outta check it out sometime. they have great beaches. do you ever play beach volleyball? much more exciting than limbo. hey, on your way back up to chicago, you should stop by TN and visit with my mini-crickets that hang out on my porch. y'all would be great friends :)

  4. @Nonna Around Clearwaters in Hillsborough. Really pretty place. Yes I do volleyball whenever I get the chance. Everyone tries to get me on their team, I have one mean net shot!:)